DVP – Digital Vaccination Passport

Our client, code named DVP, who has developed a new and novel Digital Vaccine Passport app that can function on its own or in conjunction with our client’s HRMS software. 

DVP is now seeking synergistic business partners to exploit this new Digital Passport technology brought on by the worldwide COVID crisis. A Partnership can be flexible including reseller, OEM and source code sale or licensing.

COVID-19 has created the need for Digital Technology that can provide real-time presentation & verification of immunizations to improve safety & add value.

The Value Proposition includes:

– License Digital Vaccine Passport Code

– Acquire Code for Digital Vaccine Passport & Verification

– Buy Mobile dApp Code for Digital Vaccine Passport & Verification

– Acquire Digital Vaccine Passport & Verification Distributed App (dApp) Infrastructure

Recipients Functionality:

  • Scan & Upload Vaccine Info. Statements
  • Validate & Create Digital Passport
  • Present Credentials On-Demand

Verifiers Functionality:

  • Secure App Usage
  • Registered Verifiers Only
  • Verify Immunization Records
  • Configuration for Multi-use

Value Proposition

  • Free App Download (Android & iOS)
  • Enhance Safety of Large Gatherings & Events
  • License App & Differentiate Brand
  • Provide Incremental Customer Value

The Benefits for a Business Partner are:

1. Proven Technology

2. Guaranteed Product Royalty stream

3. Proven scalable and robust solutions

4. Support with deep Domain Expertise in HR

5. Excellent R&D team with a low cost of production

6. Products designed for Multiple languages, currencies & country regulations

Action: Time is of the essence as this technology will be offered on a first come first served basis to technology leaders in this new field of Digital Vaccine Passport opportunity that will be with us for the foreseeable future.