ZUN – Situational Awareness Software Company

The Company

This dynamic situational awareness software and threat monitoring company has built a brand recognized for innovative Security Intelligence Solutions that addresses the very real need of today’s environment. Their innovative new technology SaaS platform, has allowed them to become a leading solutions provider in Enterprise Security and threat intelligence and they provide a single source service for their clients for technology and professional services.

ZUN has signed a number of reseller, OEM and licensing agreements with synergistic technology and security companies and is actively seeking strategic alternatives. ZUN’s technology is very applicable to adjacent markets (supply chain, marketing, healthcare, etc).

ZUN presently has satisfied blue chip and prestigious clients in the key sectors of:

Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Health Care including Insurance and Consumer Products sectors and their service is approved for deployment worldwide.

The Core Technology Solutions

ZUN is one of a handful of global security technology companies that has managed to develop novel technologies for Situational Awareness Management in this complex world that we live in today. They utilize their in-depth sector knowledge to evolve leading software solutions.

Their Solutions offer the following benefits to their users and communities:
• Property & Life Protection through threat monitoring

• Leverage new information sources

• Increases to organizational continuity

• Monitor any key competition or suppliers

• Increase time for prevention/mitigation

• Consolidate internal, redundant, and fragmented efforts

• Monitor your brand and reputation

• Major incident and crisis management support

• Advance notice of any disruptions

• Surge Staffing partnerships to augment your needs during an event or emergency

Technology Differentiation:

• SaaS IP on Microsoft Azure platform

• Easy to configure, brand and integrate

• Real-time situational monitoring and analysis

• Real-time alerting / reporting

• Rapid content aggregation

•  Scalable SMB and large enterprise offerings

• 100% Web-Native for Software-as-a-Service offerings

The Global Physical Security Marketplace

According to Statistics MRC, the Global Physical Security market is expected to reach $126.56 Billion and is growing at a CAGR of 10.9%.

The ZUN Value Proposition for a Business Partner
  1. Proven Security Threat Products with satisfied clients in private sector & NGO sectors
  2. Guaranteed Product Royalty stream or revenue share
  3. Proven scalable and robust solutions
  4. Support with deep Domain Expertise in Sector
  5. Excellent R&D team with a low cost of production
  6. Mature deployed products
  7. Products designed for flexibility of deployment
  8. Executive thought Leadership in the Situational Awareness sector
The Business Opportunity

The opportunity to form a technology/business partnership to gain access to novel, proven and competitive technologies that could be integrated into your existing product suites or white-labeled for quick marketing and increasing revenues. Rapid time to market (as short as 30 days) for the partner

•Increase top-line by licensing ZUN’s products and technology expertise
• Cross-sell complementary high-margin software solutions
• Gain access to hard to develop proprietary & advanced technology
• Broaden your existing product portfolio with a modern Alerting Solution
• Mitigate the cost and risk of developing a new product to address this growing lucrative market
• Generate an appreciable annuity revenue stream plus associated services and operational earnings for partners

In summary, ZUN will contribute to the revenue, growth and competitiveness of the right strategic alternative.

Your relationship with ZUN will enable the immediate deployment of the ZUN situational awareness platform. This will provide fast access to substantial revenue streams in this rapidly expanding market. Commercial arrangements are flexible and can be tailored to meet with your business and pricing models.

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