Embeddable Runtime System Patent Portfolio

Opportunity to Purchase Patent Portfolio protecting an embeddable runtime system:
1. System, method, and medium to transport and process portable app frameworks and apps
— US 9,015,465 and 9,336,013

2. Method to update object state by processing object events
— US 9,495,401

3. Method to transport and process portable queries to retrieve object state
— US 9,495,401

4. Method, system, and medium to generate a portable view (similar to pdf) by processing a portable app
– US 10,223,412

5. Method to synchronize and accept a new event-defined party relationship + system connection

– US 15/290964 pending

5. Method to transport and process a new event-defined process
– US 15/290964 pending

6. Method, system, and medium to generate object events from an event-defined app
– US 15/466572 pending

7. Method to remotely control an appliance from a mobile device
– US 16/290755 pending

The patented concepts have been implemented in a highly abstract, embeddable runtime system that interprets and executes model-based, grid-defined applications at runtime, removing the need to code and compile applications.  Nested grids within grids defining portable apps and app frameworks are automatically transformed into working applications supporting any data-centric, edge-to-cloud use case within a digital world.  The runtime system supports:

• No-Code application platforms
• Portable apps for distributed (edge-to-cloud) computing
• Event-driven architectures
• Semantically interoperable systems
• Robotic process automation
• Machine learning
• Software-defined / autonomous machines
• Custom HMI/UI frameworks
• Contextual digital experiences
• Remote device management and control

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