AVL – Seeking Digital Vault Solutions Partners

Our client codenamed AVL who is a leading technology company that builds branded B2B2C digital vault solutions for organizations using its secure, patented technology is seeking synergistic business partners

The Technology:

The AVL Digital Vault Platform technology is a Cloud-based multi-tiered solution, which integrates with internal and external platforms to aggregate, deposit, store and manage documents for the enterprise back office, front office and clients.                                                                                                                                            

Key Attributes are:

  • Reliable & Scalable
  • Secure & Trusted
  • Branded to your Needs
  • Structured & Integrated
  • Automated & Intelligent
  • Collaborative

The Value Proposition for a Partnership:

  • Quickly integrate with AVL Digital Vault technology to your existing systems and workflows to easily automate Vault creation and streamline secure document exchanges.
  • Compliance management (in particular centralized information governance) across multiple lines of business and jurisdictions for regional or global organizations
  • Proven scalable and robust solutions – deployed in the largest global networks.
  • Deep Domain Expertise specializing in secure document storage, protection and compliance.
  • Excellent R&D team with a low cost of production.
  • Technology is protected with 2 US granted patents.

The Partnership Business Opportunity:

  • To become a Business Partner such as reseller, OEM, White Label, etc.
  • Potentially acquire a source code licence of a fully featured next generation Digital Vault solution.
  • Increase your financial performance by exploiting AVL products and technology expertise.
  • Cross-sell this complementary high-margin digital vault solution to your loyal clients.
  • Gain immediate access to hard to develop secure vault technology
  • Broaden your existing product portfolio with a much needed modern solution.
  • Mitigate the cost and risk of developing or modifying an existing product to address this rapidly growing next generation Digital Vault market

In summary, AVL will contribute to the revenue, growth and competitiveness of the right strategic corporate partner. Commercial arrangements are flexible and can be customized to meet your business model.                                                                                                                                  

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